Our designer water beads, in clear and color, ship as mini pellets and absorb 100 times their weight in water to form glass like pearls that slowly release water back in the environment. Great for flowers, plants, wedding centerpieces, home decor and more...
  • Makes a great valentine's day addition when giving flowers
  • Create stunning centerpieces
  • Lighter and much more attractive than stones or glass marbles
  • Use with submersible lights to create a stunning glow
  • use with fresh flowers, plants, bamboo, and candles
  • Reusable and long lasting
After a few weeks, just soak them up again for 1-2 hours to regain their full size, if you don't need them anymore, just let them dry back to their initial pellet size and store in zip bags until you need them again
Get yourself some today - Sold in 10 grams and 1/2lb pack - find them in the Water Beads or Centerpiece section of our weddingsbypritchard.com site
I used them at Christmas to create stunning table centerpieces by adding them to a short vase with a submersible light and topping it with a deluxe 12" Red feather ball and then had taller vases again with lights and white feather balls in the rest of the room, it was tryly magical. You can see them below as well as in our Showroom at 110 Bentley, unit 27, in Ottawa