Simply stunning clear water beads  (CLICK IMAGE GALLERY BELOW FOR MORE IMAGES AND IDEAS )
Simply stunning clear water beads (CLICK IMAGE GALLERY BELOW FOR MORE IMAGES AND IDEAS )

Water Beads 10 gram pack Clear

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Designer water beads in 10 gram packs Clear
Item Number: WD-10-CLEAR
Color: Clear
Dimension: small beads ( expands 100 times )
Size / style : Fills a 4" x 4 x 4" Cube ( 4-1/2 CUPS )
Unit: Sold and priced per pack of 10 grams

 Our 10 gram packs of Designer water beads will create a magical glow to enhance your table centerpieces, flower arrangements, and will sparkle and come alive to capture the beauty of your wedding celebration.
Add them to short or tall vases, add our submersible lights, top with our feather balls and your guests will love the magical effect you've created .
The beads absorb over 100 times their weight in water to form glass like pearls and slowly release water back into their environment. Their brilliance makes them ideal for flowers, plants, bamboo and candle arrangements.
  • Ships in 10 gram packs of tiny beads that will expand 100 times their weight
  • Great for weddings, bridal shower decorations, house warming gifts
  • Use with submersible lights for receptions, home decor, Holiday decorations
  • Use with fresh flowers, Bamboo, Candles, or in vase by itself
  • Works great with submersible lighting, creates a wonderfull glow
  • Colorfast - won't bleed or fade, eco friendly and non toxic
  • Lighter, less expensive and more atractive than stones or marbles
  • Reusable and long lasting, just add more water or let them reverse to initial size

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